since 1976


In January 1976, Ramon V. Albareda founded the Center Estel to offer his services as a psychologist and sexologist, as well as to carry out his own research on human growth and bring to Spain a number of professionals from abroad connected to the emerging fields of Humanist and Transpersonal Psychology. Thanks to the experience facilitated by the passing of numerous clients and professionals, Estel has undergone its own process of growth and maturation. Estel has shifted from being an integrative Center open to alternatives to modern psychology, to a Center that is animated by a new integral approach to human growth and healing that is not based on already existent models or practices. This new approach has been created by Ramon V. Albareda and Marina T. Romero through a long process of elaboration based on several decades of personal and professional experience.

The name of this new approach is Integral Holism and, although it has multiple forms of application, the work that more directly embodies its principles is called Holistic Sexuality or Holistic Integration. Integral Holism is a new integral approach to psychospiritual growth and healing through which individuals can reconnect with their deepest vital potentials, as well as become more fully alive, creative, and spiritually grounded human beings. Although Integral Holism has a variety of individual and social applications which can be very personalized, all of them are characterized by a vision that is both holistic (global) and ecological (of interactive system).

Since January 2000, this approach is being presented at the California Institute of Integral Studies, the Esalen Institute, and other places in California, USA. These institutions are pioneers in the exploration of not only alternatives to traditional psychology, but also possible paths and practices for the integral development of the person. We have worked for many years oriented and encouraged by the direct results of the processes of individuals and groups that have trusted in our professional work. At the present moment, we have the social and professional recognition of many individuals and institutions from different countries, which are fully dedicated to foster an integral development of the person. The current exchange with individuals, professionals, and institutions from various parts of the world is especially enriching for us and opens new perspectives of development to an approach that has always been in continuous evolution.

Ramon V. Albareda y Marina T. Romero
Directors of Estel